Play Thor Slot and Choose a Mode

Posted on December 23, 2013

thor slot machineOn this slot machine there are three game modes but only one you ever start in. When you play Thor slot in this start mode you will, at some time, be offered the chance to play in a different mode and when that time comes you will be given a choice as to which of two you want to play. Both these additional modes are equally exciting and offer the potential to award you almost limitless free spins and so it will just be personal preference that decides which is played.

The Thor Slot is based on a character who is subject to Norse legends, has appeared in Marvel comics and ahs starred in Hollywood movies. Although the character always appears as the god of thunder, in the legend he resides in the home of the gods but in when appearing in Marvel comics and the Hollywood movies, he has come to earth to battle against crime where ever it may lurk and it is this version of Thor that the slot machine is based on.

Thor Slot
This is a 5 reel slot that provides 9 pay lines in order to ensure an enjoyable and hopefully profitable game. In order to assist you in winning a profit, in the initial game mode there are two special features. The first of these features is the thunderstorm re-spin feature and the second one is the lightning free play feature. With the first, the reel s will re-spin but in the second, before a free spin si awarded extra wilds may be added to the reels.

As with all the slot machines that have a character from Marvel comics as their theme, the Thor Slot shares four progressive jackpots with the others. As these jackpots are shared, there is more money being paid into them so they are able to become higher paying and also can be built back up quicker. This makes these Marvel slots very popular but most of them would be popular anyway as Marvel characters are exciting themes for slot machines.

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