Play and Win with a Legend on these Slots

Posted on May 07, 2014

thor slotThese slot machines are themed on Thor, the legendary god of thunder and, according to Marvel comics, a superhero. When you play Thor slots, although the games recognize him as a superhero as depicted by Marvel comics and later by Hollywood, they also recognize him as the legendary god of thunder and have thunder re-spins and lightning free spin features in their default modes of play. The thunder re-spin feature first adds extra wild symbols to the 2nd and 4th reels and then awards a re-spin in order to hopefully, assist you in earning a big win. The lightning free spin feature is similar but this time it adds up to 5 extra wilds on any of the reels before awarding a free spin, this too can hopefully assist you in earning a big win.

Apart from the default mode in which you can trigger the thunder re-spin and the lightning free spin features, there are two other playing modes on these slot machines. Both these additional playing modes are randomly reached from within the default mode but they are both reached at the same time. Obviously as the modes are reached at the same time, there is an option as to which one to play but this option is o no real consequence as both the additional modes offer similar bonus features. Although the special features in these extra modes may not be much different, it doesn’t mean that they are not good, because they are exceptionally good. Both of the special features can offer free spins in almost unlimited numbers, all but assuring some great wins come your way.

All slot machines that were inspired by characters that appeared in Marvel comics, as these ones were, are part of a Marvel franchise that shares four very high paying progressive jackpots. As these slots are part of this popular franchise, it means that at any time a player is playing one of these slots they can randomly be awarded a chance to play for, and win, one of these four magnificent, high paying, progressive jackpots.

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