Myth and Marvel Feature on this Slot

Posted on June 16, 2014

play thor slotsThis slot machine is themed on Thor a character from Norse mythology and also one that has appeared in Marvel comics. The Thor slot machine, because of Thor’s association with Marvel comics, is part of the Marvel franchise of slots which share four high paying progressive jackpots. In the Norse mythology, Odin was the king of the gods and his son Thor, was the god of thunder who, at will, could conjure up violent electrical storms by using the hammer that his father had given him and so the Vikings would make sacrifices to Thor prior to them embarking on long sea journeys, in the hope of appeasing him so he wouldn’t create any great storms whilst they were afloat. In Marvel comics, although Thor was still the god of thunder, he mainly used his hammer in the fight against evil that had become rampant on earth.

To assist you in winning whilst enjoying the excitement that this slot machine has to offer, the Thor symbol, which is only one of the legend related symbols on the reels, is the wild symbol and can therefore replace any of the other symbols on the reels in order to complete a winning combination. An exception to this rule is the Thor logo symbol, which cannot be replaced by the wild at any time because it is itself, the scatter symbol. Only two scatter symbols need to appear anywhere on the reels to afford you a win that will be a multiple of the amount that you wagered on that particular spin. Perhaps the Thor logo symbol is of more use to you though, when you get three or more of them showing at the same time as, then they trigger the bonus round. The bonus round on this slot is a free spins bonus round and so awards you 10 free spins each time that it is triggered. During the playing of the 10 free spins in this bonus round, any and all wins that are obtained will pay three times the regular pay out amounts.

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