Marvel at the Wins when You Play Thor Slot

Posted on August 30, 2013

thor slot machineSeveral slot machines have now used as their theme, Super heroes from Marvel comics. All of these slots that have been inspired by Marvel characters have united in sharing four progressive jackpots which can be won on any of the participating machines by way of a special jackpot round that is randomly allotted to any of the slots. As, when you play Thor slot, you are playing a Marvel inspired machine, you could randomly be awarded entry into this jackpot round. If you are given entry to this round you will be a shown jackpot board with 20 squares. All of these squares are hiding one of the four available jackpots and one at a time you reveal a square’s secret. The first jackpot to be revealed three times is the one that you win.

To play Thor Slot, or any other Marvel slot, and have access to these jackpots seems to be very popular. The reason for this is that when a slot machine has a jackpot of its own, it cannot usually pay out as high as these Marvel jackpots because it would take too long to replace it having paid it out but with all these Marvel slots paying in, replenishment is that much quicker.

Thor Slot
The Thor Slot is based on the Norse god of thunder as portrayed in the Marvel comics and as Thor is supposedly the god of thunder, thunder and lightning feature strongly on the slot machine. Through the use of some exceptional graphics and sound effects, when you play Thor Slot, it is as if you are in the center of a violent electric storm. The thunder cracks loudly around you as lightning bolts dash across the reels making you look up to watch for the rain that never comes.

Although before, you may not have liked stormy weather, when you play Thor Slot and get awarded a thunderstorm re-spin or a lightning free spin, you may decide to change your mind about how you feel towards these exciting elements of nature, or Thor.

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