Marvel at the Jackpots on Thor Slot Machine

Posted on July 20, 2013

play thor slotsThis slot machine is based on the son of Odin who was king of the Norse gods. The son’s name was Thor and he had been given a magic hammer by his father. According to the Vikings, Thor could create storms by use of his hammer and so was known as the god of thunder. It is this god of thunder that the Thor slot machine has been based on.

Fittingly for a slot machine based on such a character, the Thor Slot machine simulates thunder and lightning very dramatically through the use of excellent graphics and sound effects. The thunder seems to crack in your ears and the lightning bolts shoot across the reels giving you the feeling that you will get soaked with rain at any minute. The startling bolts of lightning and shattering sounds of thunder have your senses at a state of alertness and the anticipation of rain has you at a sense of readiness, all combining to place you in an atmosphere that is ideal for the enjoyment of an entertaining game of slots.

Marvel Comics
The legendary character of Thor was popularized by Marvel comics and later by the movies. He is not the only character that received popularity through Marvel comics who became the theme for exciting slot machines and the Thor Slot machine joins these others to offer four unique progressive jackpots.

All the Marvel character inspired slot machines, including the Thor Slot machine unite in paying into four progressive jackpots. Of course, as all the machines pay into these jackpots making them higher and more frequently available than other jackpots, any of the four jackpots are available to be won from any of them also. This makes the Thor Slot machine along with the other Marvel inspired slots, very popular amongst the slot enthusiasts.

It would be wrong to say though that the progressive jackpots were the only reason that the Thor Slot machine is so popular, as it is also very exciting and rewarding in its individual game play. The excitement of the storm is of course there but it also has exciting bonus rounds and features including
infinite free spins that are perhaps just as equally as popular.