Loki, Odin and Thor all Feature on these Slots

Posted on May 17, 2014

thor slot machineAlthough there are three of the Norse gods featured as symbols on the reels of these slots, the slots are themed on just one. When you play Thor slots, as the name suggests, they are themed on the Norse god of thunder, Thor. According to the Viking legends, Thor could conjure up storms at any time by using the magic hammer given to him by his father, Odin the king of the gods. For this reason the Vikings would offer a sacrifice of a ram to Thor before embarking on a voyage, hoping that the fresh sacrifice will appease him enough not to start a storm whilst they were at sea. Whether or not the sacrifice helped the Vikings, you will hope that Thor is on your side as you play these slots because if he is, there are some great wins available to be won. Five Odin symbols will win 500 coins whilst 5 of the Loki ones will earn you 1,000 but of course, it is Thor, on his slots, that pays the most and so getting 5 of his symbols can earn you a massive 4,000 coins. As well as the Thor symbol on the reels, there are also symbols which are the Thor logo and these are the scatters. With these scatter symbols you need to get two of them to appear anywhere on the reels in order to win.

As well as being in the legends told by Vikings, Thor also starred in Marvel comics where he apparently came to earth in order to use the power of his hammer to fight evil, brought to the earth by his evil brother Loki. Because he appeared in marvel comics, for whatever purpose, it makes these slots qualified as Marvel franchise slots. This is a franchise that unites all the slot machines that were inspired by Marvel comics in the creation of their themes, in sharing four very high paying progressive jackpots and as any machine in this franchise can randomly win one of the jackpots at any time, you could be the recipient of one when you play one of these slots.

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