Lightning Strikes when you Play Thor Slots

Posted on May 08, 2013

play thor slotsIt is hardly surprising to see that lightning takes a predominant place on a slot machine based on the Norse God of Thunder. So when you play Thor slots, there is no surprise, when you see that you enter a Lightning Free Spin round, only excitement. That excitement is also felt when you enter the Thunderstorm Re-Spin bonus round. These two bonuses are available when you play Thor slots and get stacked wilds on either the 2nd or 4th reels, and both these bonuses are very capable of making you go home a healthy winner.

The Thor slots are more based on the Marvel comic book hero, than the legend of the Norse God of Thunder but both versions allow for him to be able to create thunder and lightning by the use of a magic hammer he was given by Odin, King of the Gods and father to Thor. In the marvel comics Thor is more of a super hero than a God, as he comes to earth and using his hammer, brings calm to a chaotic world.

At one time Marvel comics were very popular and now they are receiving a new lease of life through slot machines. You can now play Thor slots and appreciate the Marvel contribution to slot machines. Any Marvel based slot machine is connected to some progressive jackpots. This means that these slots randomly donate to the progressive jackpots, which makes the progressives rapidly increase in their amounts at pay out.

Although the Marvel comic progressive jackpots certainly increases the number of people that play Thor slots, Thor slots would undoubtedly be a success without them. The Thor slots are based on an exciting theme, have an easy to play format and have two great bonus rounds which are capable of giving high payouts, these are already the essential elements for a popular slot, however with the added element of progressive jackpots, it means that when you play Thor slots, you are probably playing one of the most popular slots available today.