Lightning Flashes on the Thor Slot

Posted on April 23, 2013

thor slotIt is only understandable to see lightning on a slot machine that is based on the God of thunder. What you may not expect though, is for lightning to flash across the reels, which is what happens on the Thor slot. Also the Thor slot features a lightning free spin, probably that would be unexpected too.

In the lightning free spin feature, you are permitted a free spin but before the reels spins, several symbols will change into wilds, which greatly increase your chances of receiving a big win.

Thor Slot
The Thor slot is a very popular game based on the hero from the Marvel comics. Thor, according to Marvel and legend, is the God of Thunder, the son of Odin who is the King of the Norse Gods who all live in Asgard. In Marvel comics and later the hit movie, Thor comes to Earth to save it from some bad creatures. The comic, movie and now the slots are based upon his exciting experiences during his time on earth. Armed only with his hammer, with which he can beckon thunder, he perseveres to overcome evil and on the Thor slot you get to sample some of that excitement and thrills Thor felt during his ordeals.

The Game
Thor slot is a 5 reel game with nine winning lines, which evokes an environment of excitement by having on its reels symbols recognized from the movie, such as the hammer and lightning streaks. This environment is enhanced by the visual and sound effects of lightning crossing the reels to an accompaniment of crashing thunder. Perhaps fortunately for the player, the machine does not produce rain but what it does produce are wins by the bucketful.

The Thor slot has a similar feature to other Marvel based slots and that is that it is also linked to the Marvel randomly progressive jackpots. This feature enables any Marvel slot machine to have access to higher jackpots than they could as individual slots. When you play the Thor slot though, you are also afforded the opportunity to try for more bonus features involving extra wilds and popular free spins, which both, in turn, increase your winnings.