Lightning Can Strike Twice when you Play Thor Slots

Posted on September 14, 2013

thor slotThey say that lightning never strikes twice in the same place and so when you get one big win, you won’t get another; but these slots can prove that wrong. When you play Thor slots, which are based on the Norse god of thunder, Thor, the lightning shoots across the reels and the thunder loudly claps in your ears as you enjoy the thrill of an exciting game with all your senses alert.

When you play Thor slots there are a lot of big wins on offer especially if you obtain a Thunderstorm Re-Spin or a Lightning Free Play but no matter how many wins you receive during the playing of the game or how large your credit build up becomes, it will not make a difference if you get to the progressive jackpot round.

Marvel Comics
As we have said, Thor is the legendary god of thunder from Norse mythology, the same mythology that the Vikings believed and although not too many people still believe in their mythology, Thor was resurrected as a character, first by Marvel comics and then later by Hollywood and now later still his popularity has grown and is shared by slot enthusiasts when they play Thor slots.

Thor is not the character from Marvel comics that slot machines have been based on and all the machines that have Marvel characters as their theme, have united to share progressive jackpots. This means that when you play Thor slots or any of the other Marvel based slots, a small amount is put towards these jackpots but as there are so many machines united on the se jackpots, the jackpots quickly rise to exceptional heights and are then won through a special Marvel progressive jackpot round. This special round can randomly be allotted to any of the machines at any time, regardless of how much that machine may already be paying out through its regular play. This means that when you play Thor slots you can win big from the regular play, plus you can still qualify and win one of the very high paying progressive jackpots; proving that lightning can strike twice.

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