Legends and the Thor Slot

Posted on June 28, 2013

play thor slotsAccording to Norse mythology, Thor was the god of thunder. The Vikings knew him as the son of Odin who was the king of the gods. According to the Vikings, Thor was given a magic hammer by Odin and by striking this hammer on the ground; Thor could create thunder and lightning. The Thor slot though, although based on Thor it is more the Thor that was created by the Marvel comics. According to these comics, Thor came down to earth and using his hammer be would destroy any evil he found.

The Thor Slot
The Thor Slot is an exciting game based on an exciting character that is seemingly brought to life through the reels of the slot and exceptional graphics. Somewhat uniquely the Thor Slot features three separate game modes each one containing its own exciting action. In the first of the modes a bonus feature includes getting extra wilds put on the reels and then being given a free spin.
The other two modes feature the Rainbow Bridge and can both have rounds with an infinite number of free spins.

Marvel Comics
Marvel comics were very popular and they were responsible for creating many super heroes, some of which have now been used as the basis for some popular slot machines, obviously the Thor Slot being one of them. The Thor Slot and these other slots based on the Marvel comic heroes have linked together to share common jackpots. These progressive jackpots, of which there are four, are paid into by all the Marvel comic slots, allowing the jackpots to quickly grow and grow higher than most other jackpots offered by slot machines. As all these games pay into the jackpots, any of the jackpots can be won at any time on any of the Marvel slots, making them both popular and profitable.

The action on the Thor Slot is fast and exciting and adding that to potential for some very generous wins, makes the game one of the more popular slots available today and although the wins can’t actually be guaranteed; the enjoyment of playing the game can be.