Join the Vikings and be in Awe of Thor

Posted on July 16, 2014

thor slot machineAlthough the reason why the Vikings were in awe of Thor was because he was thought to be the god of thunder and had control over the storms whilst they were at sea yet on this slot he can only provide you with wins, the size of those wins may leave you in awe of Thor anyway. When you play Thor slot it is probably Thor’s logo symbol that will bring you the most wins as they are the scatter symbols and as such can provide a win which is a multiple of your bet, any time when two of them appear anywhere on the reels. Even if you get a more traditional win with matching symbols on one of the pay lines, if you also have two Thor logo symbols you will also get paid for them, receiving two wins from just one spin.

Other symbols on the reels follow in the Thor theme of this slot and include Thor, Odin, Thor’s hammer, Odin’s fist, Loki and others, all capable of bringing you some wins. As the scatter though, the Thor logo, when you get at least three of them, can also trigger the bonus round on this slot machine. This bonus round can be particularly well paying as not only does it award you 10 free spins but it also pays triple for any wins obtained during those spins and so after just a couple of those bonus rounds, you should be starting to feel in awe of Thor’s power.

Although according to Norse mythology, Thor who was the son of Odin, king of the gods and lived with him in Asgard, Marvel comics later portrayed him in a different light. They portrayed him, still as the god of thunder, but as having come to earth to help the fight against evil forces. As to whether you wish to believe the Marvel portrayal or not, it doesn’t take away the fact that he appeared in the comic and so this slot is part of the Marvel franchise of slots that share four very high paying progressive jackpots.

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