Join the Gods on Thor Slot Machine

Posted on April 26, 2013

thor slot machineThor is the legendary God of thunder and son of Odin, who lives in Asgard the home of the Gods. He is a legend who was first brought to life by Marvel comics, who brought him to Earth to fight evil. The Thor slot machine is based on the Marvel version of the God, rather than the legendary one, and therefore the reels are full of symbols reminiscent of the movie, a hammer , thunder, lightning and of course Thor himself.

Marvel Comics
Slot machines based on a theme of one of the Marvel comic heroes are becoming very popular and the Thor slot machine is no exception. One of the reasons for the popularity of these slots is probably that they are linked to progressive jackpots. Although these progressives are linked for the purposes of building the jackpots, any one of them can randomly pay out the jackpots regardless of what is happening on the other machines. This means that it is possible to win on a Marvel themed slot, a jackpot that is high in excess as what it could pay out individually. The possibility of receiving one of these big wins is what draws people to the Thor slot machine and any of the other Marvel slots.

With the Thor slot machine though, the progressive jackpots are not the only attraction.

Thor Slot Machine
Although the stories of Thor and the slot game are exciting, the excitement and suspense are increased as lightning flashes across the reels, indicating that Thor is always watching your actions. If the symbol of Thor does appear on your reels, which is a good sign as, on the Thor slot machine, Thor is the wild bringing more winning possibilities to this 5 reel slot with its 9 winning lines.

To add to the excitement and winning possibilities of this game, the Thor slot machine, as well as having a chance to win one of the progressives, has two bonus features both of which allow an infinite number of free spins in order to help you reach your ultimate high score.