Infinite Free spins are available on this Slot

Posted on April 02, 2014

thor slotAlthough there is the opportunity to get almost an infinite number of free spins on this slot machine, the opportunity only exists in two of the three game modes. When you play Thor slot machine, which has three game modes, it is not the standard mode, which you start in, that offers the chance to attain these almost limitless free spins but the two modes that you have to trigger from that mode. You will only get the chance to play one of these two additional modes as they are triggered at the same time and so you choose which o f them you wish to play. Both of the modes though, offer free spins until a certain target is achieved and of course, although this target can sometimes be quickly reached, at other times it may almost seem like forever to attain.

The Thor Slot itself is themed on the Norse god of thunder but follows, not the Norse legends of the god, rather the portrayal of him as depicted by his appearance in marvel comics and then Hollywood movies. In the marvel version of this god, he came to earth in order to help fight the increase in evil that was present on it, thereby getting enthralled in all sorts of exciting predicaments. That excitement is managed to be captured in the theme of this slot so that players can share in it. Thor’s ability to create thunder and lightning at will, is never lost in any version of his tales and so on the slot, in the standard mode, thunderstorm re-spins and lightning free spins are available to be won.

Marvel jackpots are four high paying progressive jackpots that are shared by all the slot machines which have characters from marvel comics as their theme. These jackpots are paid out evenly but randomly by all the marvel inspired slots via a special marvel jackpots bonus round. As Thor was one of the marvel characters, whilst playing this slot you could also be awarded the special marvel round to play and thereby win one of these amazing jackpots.

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