Feel a God’s Wrath on Thor Slots

Posted on September 24, 2013

thor slot machineThe god whose wrath you feel on these slot machines is Thor’s, the Norse god of thunder. As the god of thunder Thor, through the use of a magic hammer given him by his father Odin, King of the gods, can create electric storms at will and whilst you play Thor slots, it would seem that he is perhaps releasing his wrath as a storm rages throughout the playing of the game. Through the use of exceptional graphics and sound track, the Thor slots seem to place you in the center of a horrific electrical storm, the thunder loudly crashes and lightning bolts continuously flash across the reels. Perhaps the god of thunder is upset at the amount of winnings you can take away from his Thor slots.

Thor Slots
There are three game modes on the Thor slots, the first is the one in which you always start playing the game, the other two though are reached, both at the same time allowing you the choice of which one you would rather play. This choice of modes on the Thor slots is really only a matter of personal preference as both modes have the potential to allow you almost endless free spins.

As the Thor slots are based on the god of thunder he appears, along with some objects, like the hammer, from his legend, on the five reels of the slot in the form of symbols. These symbols, the reels having spun, can come together to create winning combinations and on the Thor slots you are permitted to bet on nine separate winning lines.

Marvel Jackpots
As well as featuring in Norse legends, Thor also appeared as a superhero in Marvel comics and then later in Hollywood movies. It is because Thor once appeared in Marvel comics, that when you play Thor slots you could randomly be awarded entry into a special jackpot round. This jackpot round is made up of four progressive jackpots that all the slots based on Marvel heroes, pay into and winning one of these would certainly give cause for the god of thunder to rent his wrath on the Thor slots.

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