Extreme Weather on the Thor Slot Machine

Posted on September 04, 2013

thor slotYou don’t usually get concerned about the weather whilst you play slot machines but when you play this one, weather will certainly be on your mind. The Thor Slot is based on Thor, the Norse god of thunder and so the Thor slot machine conjures up some stormy weather for you to play in. The thunder claps and cracks as it is going to shake up the whole room and the lightning explodes in flashes of bright light as it races across the reels. The only thing that the Thor Slot machine does not replicate, thankfully, is the rain, although it has the potential to rain some pretty impressive wins.

Thor Slot Machine
The Thor Slot machine is now one of many machines that have chosen as their theme a hero from Marvel comics. Although originally a character from Norse mythology in the Marvel comic version Thor had come down to earth to help fight evil that was getting out of hand. It is more the Marvel version of Thor that the Thor Slot machine is based on.

In regular play the Thor Slot machine can produce some impressive wins especially with special features like the Thunderstorm Re-Spin or the Lightning Free Play but it is probably the possible opportunity of acquiring a Marvel Jackpot round that most players are hoping for.

Marvel Jackpots
As we have said, there are now several slot machines that have been inspired by Marvel super heroes and have them as their themes. All of these Marvel slots, including the Thor Slot machine, have become very popular and one of the reasons for this is probably because they share some progressive jackpots.

All of these Marvel slots pay into four jackpots and this allows the jackpots to quickly grow meaning that they can pay out more, plus they can pay out more frequently and this is what the slot enthusiasts obviously like.

As all the slots pay into the jackpots, the jackpots can be paid out through the Thor Slot machine or any of the others and this is done via a special jackpot round that can be randomly allotted to any of the participating machines.

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