Brave Thunder and Lightning to Play Thor Slots

Posted on August 15, 2013

play thor slotsThe whole time that you are playing this slot machine, the thunder will be violently cracking and the lightning brightening up the scene as it flashes across the reels of the slot. Your senses will be permanently tense awaiting the rain to start pouring but it never does, these are the special effects created when you play Thor slots. Through some excellent graphics and superb soundtrack, you almost believe that you are playing in the middle of a major electric storm, taking solace by realizing that you are not getting wet.

Thor Slots
The reason for all this stormy weather when you play Thor slots is that they are based on Thor, the god of thunder according to Norse legend. His magic hammer allows him to create a storm at will and according to the version of the Thor legend that appeared in Marvel comics, Thor came to earth to use his special powers to rid earth of evil.

The symbols on the reels reflect this theme by being symbols representing thunder, lightning, Thor, Odin (Thor’s father and king of the gods), the hammer and other objects that appear in either the Morse legend or the Marvel version.

Bonus Features
When you play Thor slots you will see that there are several bonus features including modes of play. You will start in one mode, always the same one and during this stage it is possible to win Thunderstorm re-spins or lightning free spins, the first being triggered by stacked wilds on the second reel and the second being triggered by stacked wilds on the forth reel, both capable of rewarding attractive wins.

There are two other modes of play but on reaching them, you will receive a choice as to which one you play. When you play Thor slots and reach this stage, the choice really is your personal favorite as they are both equally capable of producing some very nice winnings.

As when you play Thor slots, you are playing one of several slot machines that are based on characters from Marvel comics; you are qualified to also win one of the four progressive jackpots on offer.

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