Be Part of Norse Mythology with Thor Slot

Posted on September 19, 2013

thor slotThe Norsemen were the Vikings and they believed a mythology that placed Odin as king of the gods who all lived in Asgard, another world. According to Vikings, Odin had a son called Thor whom Odin gave a magic hammer that could create thunder and lightning at will, making Thor the god of thunder. It is that same god of thunder that the Thor slot is based on.

Although nothing much was heard about Thor since the days of the Vikings, Thor appeared in Marvel comics, where he supposedly came to earth to fight against evil. After the appearance in marvel comics, Hollywood made a motion picture about this potentially exciting character and now he appears in Thor Slot.

Thor Slot
The Thor Slot is perhaps different from many slots in so far as it has three modes of play, which although may not be too uncommon, giving you a choice between which out of two of them you play, is. When you start to play Thor Slot you will always be in the same mode but as you progress through the game and arrive at a certain point, you will have to decide which of two modes you want to continue to play in. Both the modes are equally exciting and both offer the potential to receive almost endless re-spins and so your decision is purely a personal preference.
All the time that you are playing Thor Slot, it seems like there is a thunderstorm raging, the thunder claps and lightning explodes across the reels in bright flashes, reminding you that you are playing Thor Slot, the slot of the god of thunder.

Even though, judging from the popularity that Thor Slot acquired on its initial release, a jackpot round could hardly make it even more popular, you can randomly be awarded a jackpot round when you play Thor Slot.

This is a jackpot round that is shared by all the slot machines that have been themed on Marvel comic heroes as just as with the Thor Slot, any of these machines can be awarded the special Marvel progressive jackpot round at any time.

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