A Storm of Free Spins on these Slots

Posted on April 12, 2014

thor slotAlthough during the playing of these slots, the machines create the atmospheres of storms with bright flashes of thunder and loud claps of thunder, it is only during the bonus round that they rain free spins upon the players. When you play Thor Slot you will realize that it is themed on Thor, the god of thunder from Norse legends and so the symbols on the reels are all Nordic related, Thor of course is there and there is also a horn for which the Vikings were well known for blowing, also there is a ram which was the preferred animal of slaughter in sacrifice for the these Norsemen. Thor, as a god, plays the dominant role and is the wild symbol and the horn is the scatter. With the exception of the horn, the wild symbol is able to replace any of the other symbols, assisting in the finding of more wins. The scatter symbol, although providing wins when two are shown together, also triggers the very popular bonus round on these slots.

These slot machines have enjoyed a great deal of popularity since their release and it is apparently due to their exciting theme which uses extraordinarily good graphics, its exciting theme and also its potentially very profitable bonus round. The bonus round which is triggered by three or more of the scatter symbols showing on 6he reels, starts with 15 free spins. The good thing about this bonus round though, is its ability to be retriggered. This means that whilst you are playing the original 15 free spins, if you again get with those free spins, three more scatter symbols showing on the reels, you will again be awarded 15 free spins. The second set of free spins will be added to what is left of the original 15 free spins, meaning that if the process continues you could potential have an endless stream of free spins. With all the free spins that can be played in the bonus round, it is very likely that at least several of them will produce some wins and when they do, those wins will pay three times the regular amount.

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